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A logo is more than just a name or icon – it’s the focal point of your brand, your story. It’s the first point of contact for your business. First impressions count, let’s make it memorable – let’s make a PROFESSIONAL IMPACT.

Whether it was playing out on the streets of 1980’s North London with my mates, or preparing for football trials at Tottenham Hotspurs training ground in the 90’s, I always chose Adidas because I knew was getting iconic style and quality that wouldn’t let me down.

That feeling comes from the Adidas heritage and great moments like watching Daley Thompson go for gold in the 1984 Olympic Games or going nuts after watching David Beckham belt in that last minute free kick against Greece in 2001. A great brand pulls all of those elements together. The Adidas trefoil logo is iconic and a mark that represents culture, performance, history, quality, style and more. It’s the same with the Apple logo and so on. When you see the logo’s of your favourite brands you identify with them, they are part of how you express who you are.

 Below are some of the logo’s I’ve either designed or brands I’ve helped to win more business by using design to leverage the power of a solid and trusted brand…



Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank



Illustration for Leica

Illustration for Leica



Logo Design Enhancement for Ultimate Performance

Logo Design Enhancement for Ultimate Performance



Design for Sony and VisualFX

Design for Sony and VisualFX



Logo design for Save on Supplies

Logo design for Save on Supplies



Capital Drywall - 21st Century Construction Vibe

Capital Drywall – 21st Century Construction Vibe



Crown Paints Logo

Crown Paints Logo




So what is a brand?

A brand is how you are perceived by people, it’s how you behave. Your behaviour is driven by your values, your passions and your dreams. A brand is a visual translation of your value system that makes a promise in the minds of your customers and builds expectations. Once you have created that expectation, you then consistently deliver on that expectation. Over time, your logo becomes synonymous with the whatever experience your customers have. It needs to be ‘Professional’ and it has to have an ‘IMPACT’

Logo Design Hertfordshire

Logo Design for Dennis Carter Chauffeur London

Case Study: Brand overhaul to win new business.

This logo above is part of the branding I designed for one of London’s most prestigious chauffeur companies. Operating since 1978 Dennis Carter of London have great a reputation amongst their regular customers. However they were not winning much new business due to their competition being very proactive in the market place with their own branding strategies. What I did for them was give their whole image a complete overhaul with the tagline of ‘London’s Most Exclusive Ride’ which we then fed out across all of their brand touchpoints. From brochures and business cards, Dennis Carter now have a brand and image that matches their level of service and more importantly, is generating more business.

Print Design Hertfordshire

Dennis Carter Brochure Design

Branding Agency Hertfordshire

As a business owner, if you are to establish your brand then it is essential to uncover the DNA of your business – A good place to start to ask this question.

If your business was a person, how would you describe them?

It’s amazing what ideas spring to mind when you think in those terms. The answers to this question are essential in establishing a VISUAL IDENTITY for your business!


Anyone who is serious about making their business sucessful! I love working with people who really want to make a difference in this world through their business.


Creating design that grabs attention is in my DNA. It’s something I could do from an early age no matter what medium. As an entrepreneur myself, like you I am also passionate about business and being successful. I buzz off helping people make money and grow their business!


I am currently offering my logo and brand design service for just £250 –

“Remember that once you have your logo and brand in place, you will have laid the foundations for something that is powerful and unique to only you! When any potential customer engages with you, they’ll get the gut feeling you are the right business to meet their needs”


If you think we could work together then please get in contact right away by filling in the form below


  • Within 24 – 48  hours of receiving your email I’ll send you over a questionnaire to complete
  • Once I have received the completed questionnaire I’ll book your project onto my schedule
  • Process payment via BACS or PayPal
  • Return 2 concepts of your logo for viewing
  • Make final amends and email complete logo and brand package

If you have any questions please email me pete@professionalimpactdesign.com


Maximum 5 working days depending on work load

Once we’ve designed your logo and brand, that will lay the blueprint to ensure you look amazing whether it’s on a business card, a billboard or a website! These are known as your BRAND TOUCH POINTS!

You’ve got the desire. You’ve got the vision. What you need is to work with someone who can help make it happen!