July 30, 2014 Pete Impact

The Champions Way Design blog


This is the champions way design blog:

Ok so I’ve not really delved into blogging but given my progress over the last two years I guess now is the time to let you into my world.

Some projects I work on really allow for me to get the creative juices flowing, whereas others are often restricted by budget, time frames and so on. We all start off with this idea that every day in the world of design will be exciting but like any business, there are peaks and troughs, moments when you think you really are on top of the design world to moments of….damn I need to read more books, practise and learn more. In actual fact the best you can ever amount to is work in progress. With that in mind, it’s much easier to commit to learning and delivering the best you possibly can for your clients.

I’m entirely self taught and having started out as a street artist many years ago, my route into freelance design was incongruent with the status quo to say the least but thats for another time.

Hopefully as time goes by my blog will make for a structured and varied read but for now you’ll have to bear with me as a fumble my way into the world of digital jibba jabba. I’ll be covering all the things I’m passionate about including style, good service, values, design, fashion and life in general.

In the mean time thanks for dropping by…it’s most kind of you 🙂