August 22, 2015 Pete Impact

Hertfordshire Digital Awards Finalists – Professional IMPACT Design

Great news this month as we’ve been nominated in four categories for the Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2015

It seems when you just get your head down and work hard, you don’t seem to notice your progress – you just keep pressing on to learn new processes, constantly refining your business offering to help keep your clients ahead of the game.

What started out many years ago as hobby has now grown into a full time business, looking after the image and marketing of business’s across Hertfordshire and beyond. Anyone who’s worked with me knows I’m passionate when it comes to presenting your business in the right way. I’m big on keeping a companies image nice and tight across all of the key touch points.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss on sale at one of London’s finest street art galleries

I guess it’s this drive to succeed and grow over the years that has helped me get to this point. I never started Professional IMPACT Design until my mid 30’s, however the foundations were laid 20 years ago back in 1995 when I got into caricature and street art. House of Herts interviewed me a few years back on my beginnings here.

Being selected for the Hertfordshire Digital Awards is a great honour given the level of creative talent out here.

Over the coming months I expect to expand, taking on a junior designer to help free up my time for other aspects of the business whilst helping others develop the necessary skill set to succeed as a commercial designer. For my money I think it’s important that once one enjoys a certain level of success, they at least contribute back in order to help the next generation.

The many hats of design

Working as a sole trader I wear far more hats than I initially expected. Most of my clients see design as ‘making stuff look good’ which I’m happy to go along with. There is far more to brand development of course, but as long as I deliver the desired end result for my client that’s all that matters. Usually if you are looking to expand your business through marketing you would need to hire several different creatives, in most cases that would mean the expense of a design agency.

Most of what I offer has come about through turning my hand to a variety of creative disciplines, including video, copywriting, sign writing, web development and so on. The digital landscape is always changing with new technologies and it’s my responsibility to ensure I keep track of developments as they arise.

Web Design for Maison Paul Hertfordshire

Web Design for Maison Paul Hertfordshire

For the HDA the two projects I entered were the web design for Hoddesdon based Maison Paul Bistro and Welham Green based IBC (Independent Buying Consortium). For both companies I also helped develop the brand. For Maison Paul the design I produced for them has attracted Victoria Beckham, treating her family to dinner their earlier this summer. IBC in particular has been an extraordinary success with my work helping them smash their annual target by £5M. For their site I also produced the videos and set up their web to print marketing service. Finally I designed and built an E-commerce website for Swagga – a high end men’s fashion store in Hoddesdon.

So there we are, fingers crossed for Septembers awards and even making it this far is something I’m proud of…