April 3, 2014 Pete Impact

Branding for Construction

Branding for Construction: How important is it for your customers to notice you?

The right look and feel to your business can work wonders when executed in a certain way. I designed these signs and the whole building aesthetic to be as large as possible in order to make a huge impact as customers drive onto the premises. Once the store opens later this year I’ll bring you more pictures. In the meantime please check out the story so far!


ABC Depot was started by Vick Patel and his family back in 1990. Based in Finchley they built their business over the last 20 years and have since been fantastically successful. Last year saw the construction of their brand new flagship superstore in Hertfordshire. Given their ambition to become a nationally recognized business, they needed a strong brand that would enable to not just compete with the best. But be the best!

Introducing Bertie Bucket



Early print advertisement for ABC Depot

Early print advertisement for ABC Depot

Final Illustration for Branded Vehicle Wrap

Final Illustration for Branded Vehicle Wrap

ABC Depot Branded Vehicle Wrap

ABC Depot Branded Vehicle Wrap

Helping my customers make a ‘Professional Impact’

Starting way back in the early 90’s. Vick and his family used to run their business from an old Portacabin in Finchley, North London. Back in those days and running on a tight budget, funds for repairs were scarce. The Portacabin that Vick used in the early days of ABC developed a large hole in the roof that would let in rain water. To save on costs and keep the business working at full speed, Vick placed an old bucket under the leak and pressed ahead. Vick and his family still have this bucket as a timely reminder of the ABC philosophy, humble beginnings, high hopes and hard work.

I used that wonderful story to help push and promote the ABC brand.


In order to communicate their vision, ABC Depot needed a series of strong visuals to pitch to the market leaders in the construction industry. My illustrations helped Vick and his team secure several highly lucrative contacts. Just the kind of ‘Impact’ I like to deliver for my customers!


To establish a powerful brand and message that will bring a unique and innovative experience to their end users.


External building design for ABC Depot

External building design for ABC Depot

Building aesthetic branding design with matching vehicle liveries and marketing collateral. Creating of Bertie Bucket Character to further push and personalize the ABC Depot culture.


The results so far have been extremely positive in terms of brand recognition. As part of the Allneeds Group of companies on going expansion, ABC are fast establishing themselves as a recognized and trusted builders merchant throughout Hertfordshire. I’ll bring you more on this story as it develops with our big launch planned for later this year. In the meantime please do take a moment to check them out on the web over at www.abcdepot.co.uk or indeed like their Facebook Page